Timeline: Trump Crimes and Bad Acts

[Editor’s note: This post is updated frequently.]

November 15, 2019 Update: President Trump commits witness tampering on live TV!

Anybody following the Trump presidency with open eyes is watching history unfold. If you have not followed or wish to review, this timeline will catch you up. I actively remove any events that are disproven or even if they just lose credibility.

Are you ready to start looking!

Even AFTER Nixon resigned in disgrace over one minor crime, 35% of Americans supported him. That’s roughly the same number that support Trump now. It will be interesting to see what percentage of Americans support Trump once all facts are known. I expect it to go down, I don’t know by how much. After about 6 months, 24% of Americans still supported Nixon. Where will Trump end up now in the era of Fox News!

Red: Trump-Russia Bad Acts
Orange: Trump Crimes and Bad Acts, but not Russia Related
Blue: Other Crimes and Bad Acts by Trump Associates
Gray: Discovery event, important event, or likely legal bad act.
Verified/Unverified: Based on my opinion using journalism standards, logic, and reason.

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